Pierre-Alexandre Murena


I am a postdoctoral researcher in the PML group at Aalto University (Finland), working with Pr. Samuel Kaski. I work on developping AI assistants which take into account the limitations, preferences and goals of the user.

I used to work at Télécom ParisTech in the DIG team (former DBWeb), where I did my PhD under the supervision of Jean-Louis Dessalles and Antoine Cornuéjols. I defended my PhD in December 2018, in front of a jury composed of Pr. Florence d'Alché-Buc (president), Pr. Amaury Habrard (reviewer), Pr. Shai Ben-David (reviewer), Pr. Gilles Richard (examiner), Dr. Jean Lieber (examiner), Dr. Laurent Orseau (examiner). My work was rewarded by the second Best PhD award "Futur et Ruptures" of Institut Mines-Télécom (link, in French).

I have also worked (and am still working!) on the problem of analogical reasoning. From an empirical point of view, I am interested in showing how using Kolmogorov complexity can produce cognitively plausible results to analogical equations. From a formal point of view, I study the existence of continuous analogical proportions on manifolds, in particular manifolds of probability distributions.

My papers and citations can be found on my Scholar or DBLP pages.